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How can I register a Finnish domain name (.fi TLD) as a foreign company?
Last Updated 6 years ago

In theory, you can’t register the .FI Finnish domain, if you don’t have company in Finland.
In practice :) there are special domain registrars like this one: Registration of .FI domain in Finland with Local Trustee service who specialize in buying these type of restricted domains.

They have their representatives in the countries that require a local presence or have a registered trademark in the country. With a network of such partners, they are able to register almost all restricted domains for you.

.FI regulations synopsis:

Applicant must either be a Finnish-based company or a private individual residing in Finland. EuropeID further provide a Trustee Service for .FI domain names.

Registration charge: EUR 0.00
Annual domain charge: EUR 161.00
Annual Local Presence/Trustee Service charge (if applicable): EUR 46.00

DNS Service/Web forwarding is included, at no additional cost.


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